Disability Champion's Goal

End Stigma. It is that simple. Whether it is through art, animation, or stories, every conversation breaks down barriers.

Our Story

Welcome to my long overdue blog! I am so excited for this space to finally be official.

Let me introduce myself for folks who don't know me, my name is Natalie Rountree and I was born with a mild form of cerebral palsy with ataxia. This diagnosis make some say sorry or offer thoughts and prayers, but it has lead to so many amazing thing and a few not so great.

Now you are probably all “but natalie how are the bad situations worth it" well, I wouldn't have the doors opened without the bad.

I want this blog to showcase both sides, including awkward situations, funny moments, and people saying dumb things.

I hope everyone enjoys this space and learn what it is like to go through life with a disability.

**I want to be very clear, this is not a pity blog or to make people look bad. Awareness is my #1 priority in life itself and we all can learn something new 🙂 **